10 Holiday Outfits Elegant Ladies NEVER Wear

Ladies, today, I’m revealing exactly what not to wear if you want to look elegant, classy and sophisticated during the festive season!
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23 gedachten over “10 Holiday Outfits Elegant Ladies NEVER Wear”

  1. Ok guys… elegance means much more than this. You can wear everything you want , not showing too much skin, you just need to act elegant. Off course you can wear that Christmas jumper! You are with family and kids! To be elegant is to know when a advice don’t work to yourself.

  2. Loved video..I think red or green velvet dress is fine during Xmas…Santa does not usually sit at the table with families….

  3. Wear that Christmas jumper !!
    I love wearing mine, especially when children are around. Its fun and can be super classy without being stuffy and uptight. 🎅🎄🕯🎅🎄🕯🎅🎄🕯🎅🎄🕯🎅🎄🕯

  4. I love how she gracefully shows what a yea or na but fashion is sometimes hit or miss but if you learn to do better then you win but if you already have these outfits wear with confidence and try again next year wear you outfit if your a star who cares certainly not men

  5. I do wear red and green at christmas. Actually all year because they look good on me but I advise shapes and fabrics that don't match Santa or his elf helpers. A nice silk blouse for example shouldn't be weird I think.

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